Appeal against a decision of the tax: how to do it?

Обжалование решения налоговой: как это сделать эффективнее?

Business leaders are faced with the IRS multiple times. Unfortunately, there are all kinds of tax disputes in different directions. As a result, companies get regulations from regulatory bodies, and the last point is already in court. Here obtain competent legal assistance. Review helpful information: more information on the website.

Professional lawyers can really help successfully resolve tax disputes. Lawyers thoroughly understand all the articles, the provisions of the current tax legislation and internal regulations of regulatory bodies. Of significant value here and has extensive legal practice. When lawyers are preparing an appeal of the tax decision , they take into account all the nuances. An experienced tax attorney will cope with tasks of different difficulty levels.

Appeal against a decision of the tax: optimal solutions with “Slinko and partners”

When you need a formal appeal of decisions of regulatory bodies, there are two legal ways. A professional tax attorney will be able to do it administratively or through litigation.

Administrative appeal

The best option is to appeal the decision of the Supervisory authority in the administrative order. In some cases, taxpayers do not agree with the decision of the tax authority, or want to challenge the amount of the monetary obligation. Sometimes, in the opinion of the payer, the employees of the tax authority exceed their authority. In such situations, the taxpayer has the right to appeal the decision: it is possible to appeal to higher tax authority of Ukraine. For example, go to the Main Office of the SFS. A service with higher status-the State fiscal service.

In most cases, taxpayers do not use these opportunities. This is the appeal in administrative procedure is more comfortable, cost-effective. Persons exempt from payment of court fees, the appeal process is faster. In addition, if we fail to achieve success in the administrative order, you can then go to court.

The proceedings before the court

Widespread appeal of tax inspection in court. It is important to remember that, in accordance with the law, their case must prove the tax authority. Professional lawyer with more experience will be able to use it in favor of his client. Gather all the documents, identifies gaps and contradictions. Thus it is possible to cancel the decision of the fiscal authority.

In “Slinko and partners” the same tax lawyers will help to appeal a tax decision.

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