“Army-2018” will show the newest combat aircraft of the Russian Federation

Want to learn more about new products issued by the Russian defense-industrial complex, are invited to this forum. There will be something to see.

«Армия-2018» покажет новейшие боевые самолёты РФ

Announced that “the Army-2018” for the first time will demonstrate the latest combat aircraft of the Russian Federation. Forum visitors will be able to see widely discussed, the su-57. This is the newest jet fighter, belonging to the fifth generation.

Also “Army-2018” shows the su-35S. This fighter is considered to be super-maneuverable and multi-purpose. Its a generation 4++.

In addition, the forum “declassified” the existence in Russia of the Arctic multi-purpose helicopter Mi-8AMTSH-VA, and the attack helicopter Mi-28NM a modernized version. For aircraft and helicopters can approach and produce detailed inspection.

“Army-2018” continues to be one of the most popular forums in which demonstrates military products. On it 128 it is expected the arrival of foreign delegations.

Overall, it will be attended by more than 1,500 companies that represent not less than 20 thousand samples of their products.

“Army-2018” will be held at the Patriot Park in Kubinka. The forum will open on 21 August and will continue for six days.

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