In Russia is gaining popularity the medical profession

Every year “Levada-Center” conducts a poll among Russians to find out the preferences of students and their parents in choosing a future profession.

В России набирает популярность профессия врача

According to the results of the survey revealed that in Russia is gaining popularity the medical profession. Among the respondents were residents of towns and villages at the age of 18 years, the total number of which amounted to about 1 600 residents. The Russians were asked to answer the question about the most preferable profession with a multiple choice answer.

It turned out that the number of Russian citizens who would like to become doctors, is growing. This year about 20% of the respondents voted for this profession. However, despite the interest of Russians to this specialty, the shortage of doctors is still the place to be. So, last year the shortage of doctors in state and local medical institutions was 21.2%. Moreover, 24.8% and made up the shortage of physicians in medical institutions of the first link.

Director of the Foundation “Health” Eduard Gavrilov notes that such indicators of skills shortages impact on the workload of doctors. Thus, the time of admission of the patient becomes smaller, and the quality of its service, accordingly, falls.

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