In the Gulf of Thailand the water is gone

The locals are very worried, after all, typically, these anomalies occur before the big tsunami. This is due to the earthquake the bottom of the sea.

В заливе Таиланда исчезла вода

Watch strange anomaly could the residents of the Gulf of Siam in Thailand. Without incident before, the water just disappeared for a few kilometers. At the moment the Thai people roam the former bottom of the ocean, and gathering of fish and shellfish that die without water.

В заливе Таиланда исчезла вода

The explanation of this anomaly, can not find even famous scientists. Is in the Gulf of Thailand for the first time.

Scientists are worried, because even under the most severe earthquake in water can move away from the coast, but not for a few miles. So far, the Thais expect what will happen next.

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