In the United States learned to stop the development of four types of cancer

В США научились останавливать развитие четырех видов рака

A new drug is tested on mice.

The U.S. has developed a new drug KBU2046, which blocks the spread of cancer, the authors of this know-how were scientists from the University of Oregon science and health, reports the with reference to U-News.

According to the journal Nature Communications, a new drug that helps to stop the development of four types of cancer.

In particular, the drug KBU2046 during the test was able to stop the multiplication of cancer cells of the mammary and prostate glands, colon, lung. Its application in early diagnosis can save a life, admit the researchers.

In experiments with genetically modified mice that had cancer cells of the prostate and mammary glands of the person, and also cancer of the intestine and lung, using KBU2046 suppressed tumor metastases, said scientific experts in publishing.

According to them, the new drug stops the activity of onkokletok by contacting HSP90 protein? and contributing to the change of phosphorylation of the protein. The drug has no side effects.

At the same time, experts note that different people cancer disease is different.

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