In USA Colonel us army was fired for stealing a machine gun from the air base

Military as if nothing had happened took the firearms home.

В США полковника американской армии уволили за кражу пулемета с авиабазы

In USA Colonel us army was fired for stealing a machine gun М240. The gun is gone from the air base in may, however, to establish involved in the theft was only the other day. The incident took place at the site of the U.S. air force Minot, North Dakota. Pilot Jason Beers, as has established a consequence, on a certain day just the property carried from the territory of a sensitive facility and kept it at home, hoping that the military leadership will miss the loss.

In the end, the missing gun is found. At the home of Colonel searched, which found the subject of crime. Against the now former officer filed a case. By the way, the American media found out that the missing weapons on the basis of Minot acquired a systematic character. In may, the military lost a box of grenades for the grenade launcher. According to some, he fell out of the car during transportation through the territory of an Indian reservation. The graphics still failed.

Earlier we wrote that in Kuwait a leading fired during live broadcast, accusing him of indiscretion. The audience complained that she dressed too revealing in the Holy month of Ramadan.

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