“Joan would be proud of”: Dmitry Shepelev took the son of Italy

Popular TV presenter and DJ Dmitry Shepelev recently took his one and only son of Plato in Italy. On vacation, the presenter showed the boy Verona and Florence.

«Жанна бы гордилась»: Дмитрий Шепелев забрал сына в Италию

Dmitry Shepelev told the fans that now along with a 5-year Plato is in Italy, where he tells his son interesting historical facts. “Walking around Florence. Gently talk to Plato about the city: the Florentines and their eternal rivals inter. About the statue of David – the symbol of the city. On the dome of the Duomo, which is one of the largest in the world and that, like a Russian doll, two in one”, – has signed a snapshot with the son of a broadcaster.

“Handsome. And the father of the good. It is important to keep warm and good relationship”, “good job raising the Petoskey”, “Jeanne would be proud of You,” “Dima, you’re amazing dad!”, “What a great Dad. Plato was very lucky”, “You are a great dad!!!! Seen the boundless happiness in your eyes when You and your son!”, commented on a photo Shepeleva Network users.

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