“Odessa Barbie” is attributed to feminists

It’s all in the words of Valeria Lukyanova that should not have tolerance for those who has no manners and does not know how to behave culturally.

«Одесскую Барби» отнесли к феминисткам

“Odessa Barbie” pointed out that we are talking about men. According to her, abusive men should be sent to the zoo, as they cannot be attributed to someone else, except “animals.” Valeria Lukyanova stressed that the same should be reduced to a minimum. Some fans agreed with the accusations and claims “Odessa Barbie” to the men.

«Одесскую Барби» отнесли к феминисткам

However, others felt that the model decided “to go to the feminists”. The whole point of rudeness statements, which fans seemed excessive even for a fairly straight writing that it does not like Lukyanova.

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