Singer from Sochi, has filed a lawsuit against Alexander Revva, accused of plagiarism

Famous comedian allegedly introduced the song “Chica” which is a revamped version of its author’s compositions.

Певец из Сочи подал в суд на Александра Ревву, обвинив в плагиате

Aspiring singer from Sochi Ruslan Kagarmanov intends to sue the famous comedian and variety performer Alexander Revva. The young man took the comedian to court, accusing that of plagiarism. In particular, according to him, the author of the image of Arthur Pirozhkov redid his song, “warped”, submitted under the name of “Chica”.

The guy claims that this song he wrote two years ago, and then almost immediately published online. Kagarmanov already file a claim in court, where required to protect its intellectual property. The Tribunal accepted the claim to manufacture and appointed the first hearing in mid-July.

The artist himself has already responded to the accusations Kagarmanova. He expressed surprise at what is happening and suggested that a little-known artist just wants publicity on the name of a famous comedian.

Earlier we wrote that fans criticized the Ukrainian singer Olga Polyakova. The song “Queen of the night”, according to many fans of her work, is nothing but a plagiarism of another song.

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