The Briton was able to find a lost cat after 10 years

The animal was lost due to an error with the microchip. Reading the data from it, members of the British organization helping Pets decided that it was not the cat I was looking for.

Британец смог найти пропавшего кота спустя 10 лет

The animal, nicknamed Harry which went missing 10 years ago, when she lived together with owners on the territory of the County of Suffolk. When he was gone, the owners appealed to the relevant organization where the information checked on the chips. Glitch of the system, the workers said that a dog is alive. Deciding that can not find work, the family got a new cat. However, the chip did not cancel and continued to inform the Agency about your new address.

Британец смог найти пропавшего кота спустя 10 лет

In the end, the cat is returned to the first owners. More specifically, the mother of a man who more about it all worried. Since that time, Harry became braver and stronger, but the owners found out. It is worth noting that such stories often happen – people meet with their Pets years later. Basically, the reason for loss of communication – a sharp move.

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