The Okinawans on the boat protested against the airfield USA

Not so long ago the Japanese island started to protest. The fact that the locals thus Express their discontent against the us airfield.

Жители Окинавы на лодках протестовали против аэродрома США

The Okinawans were at sea campaign, in which they protested against the airfield of the United States. The protest action took place at sea, near Henoko. 70 inflatable boats and kayaks took to organize this protest. Local residents need to clean up a new base airport USA. To get on the base itself they failed, because they were detained by the coast guard.

Construction is scheduled from August 17. You must be backfilled with soil of the sea to the construction site of American runway.

As it became known, the U.S. presence on the island has long become a global issue for the inhabitants and the authorities. In such a small area, American facilities occupy more than 70% of the whole territory of the island.

Not long ago, us military aircraft F-15 crashed near Okinawa.

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