The participant “House-2” tried to kill an exotic appearance

Liberg Kadono said that she was attacked because of her appearance. On the girl’s body left a lot of scars from knife wounds from which she soon plans to get rid of.

Участницу «Дома-2» пытались зарезать из-за экзотической внешности

Liberg Kadono – former member of the scandalous TV project “Dom-2”. A big role in favor of the popularity of the girls played her unusual appearance. Liberg already long gone from the project, but it is still popular. Recently Kadono open up with the members and said that soon plans to do the surgery to remove the scars. Then the girl shared that as a child she tried to kill because of the exotic appearance. At that time, Liberg was about 9 years old.

The girl said that she was attacked by racists when she was in third grade. Now she intends to do a laser resurfacing to remove traces of violence. For this star, will have to check this procedure for several months. Members supported the girl, stressing that she is very strong and not everyone could survive.

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