23 album Prince has officially released the

23 альбома Принса официально выложили в сеть

23 album by American musician Prince is now available online on YouTube, Spotify, Apple and other Music services. The General catalogue includes about 20 hours of music. It includes the album The Gold Experience (1995), Emancipation (1996) The Rainbow Children (2001), Planet Earth (2007) and other releases. To publish all of these songs were decided by Sony Music Entertainment, according to Justjared.

The singer distributed his album Crystal Ball (1997) online. For this, he even launched his own platform for members NPG. In 2008 he was awarded the Webby award for “visionary use of the Internet to distribute music and communicate with the audience.”

However, in 2010, the Prince said, “Internet is completely over”. After this the actor spoke strongly against the spread of their songs through the network, considering it as piracy.

Recall, the Prince died 21 April 2016 from an overdose of opioid drugs. The result of two years of investigation, the police are unable to establish who gave the artist these drugs.

As previously reported, this year Prince was included in the ranking of the most selling musicians in history.

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