2nd Vice-miss universe 2014 Diana Harkusha: Miss Israel and Miss Lebanon contest quarreled press

 2-я вице-мисс Вселенная 2014  Диана Гаркуша:  Мисс Израиль и Мисс Ливан на конкурсе  поссорила  пресса

“2nd Vice-miss universe 2014” Diana Harkusha: “Miss Israel and Miss Lebanon contest “quarreled” press”
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Vice-miss universe visited the editorial office of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. Photo: Michael BAKUNOV

20-year-old girl from the town visited the editorial office of “Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine” and answered readers ‘ questions.

20-year-old from Kharkiv, which represented Ukraine on the most important global beauty contest “Miss universe”, visited the “Komsomolskaya Pravda” on the online conference and answered questions from readers.

To enter the final of the three beauties in the competition, where fighting for the crown of the 88 countries – it is almost unreal. But Diana did it. When it is like the sun shining embroidery has appeared in our newsroom, it became clear than it took jury. Charisma is unreal, and is quite the character and very clear internal order.


– Diana, what was the atmosphere at the competition?

– We had a surprisingly cohesive team. The organizers of the us after the final gathered and thanked for the fact that we were very close. We did each other’s hair for the competition case is unprecedented, and sang songs. I taught everyone to sing Ukrainian songs. The girls composed in Swahili, the phrase “Ukraine Yeti Hakuna Matata”, which means “Ukraine is not worry, everything will be fine.” We invented each other funny nicknames.

– You have what was it?

– Ukraine – YouCrazy. To me and asked: “Oh, Ukrasi!”. Miss Turkey called me “my gazul” (my beauty). It was very fun.

– Have you discussed with other members the situation in the country. As far as our problem known to people in other countries? What do you girls say?

– Of course, I was approached by the organizers and the participants. We recorded a lot of videos in support of the Ukrainian people and the country. The Venezuelan fans, and there were many, came up to me and sympathetically said you know what the situation in the country and hoped that everything would work out.

 2-я вице-мисс Вселенная 2014  Диана Гаркуша:  Мисс Израиль и Мисс Ливан на конкурсе  поссорила  пресса

Diana Harkusha came in our editorial in the embroidery. Photo: Michael Bakunov


Russian media write that you are with the Russian contestant ignored each other, well, not starred in any movie, no near you on any picture. Why?

– In the competition all the girls were divided to groups of four countries each. I was with Singapore, USA and Australia. Each group had its own schedule of rehearsals and interviews. We spoke Russian, like all the other girls. It seems like everybody’s wearing my mirou t-shirt, which I brought from Ukraine. Just time to socialize, we had very little.

What happened with Miss Israel and Miss Lebanon?It really was a scandal?

– There is a conflict between countries, and between the girls, there was no conflict. And it’s a shame that the media has dragged politics into the contest. I spoke with both they’re both great girls.

  – What can you say about the winner? How did it differ from all the other beauties that notice of the jury?

– She is a good, bright, colorful. She has a very good figure. It was chosen by jury and I will not comment on his decision. Just want to wish Pauline the best of luck.

Hispanic women have a special energy, they are liberated. We Europeans, are more reserved, we have a different charm… the contestants from South America special support. I thought that after Miss Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico came all the inhabitants of these countries. “Miss Venezuela” told me that when he sees people from his country to her I feel better. On this continent, a cult of the contest “Miss universe”, it is supported at the state level. I am nowhere near even mom, but it was Alexander Ruffin (owner of competition “Miss Ukraine universe” – approx. Ed.). She supported me with advice, to think my way. And just before the final lent me a beautiful couture dress.


How to meet a beautiful girl is not very beautiful man?

– To me often meet on the street. And I respect young people who are not afraid to meet. Always politely speak my name and implying that if you happen to meet again, then it becomes clear – the fate of it or not.

To interest me, a man should be with charisma and sense of humor. And not like others. But more about personal relationships, I will not speak – they are personal!

 2-я вице-мисс Вселенная 2014  Диана Гаркуша:  Мисс Израиль и Мисс Ливан на конкурсе  поссорила  пресса

Three of the most beautiful girls “Universe”: Colombian Paulina VEGA, Ukrainian Diana Garkusha and the American Nia Sanchez. Photo: Eastnews


As our girls played earlier

“Miss Ukraine universe” held in our country for nine times. During this time in the top 5 of the international competition of Ukrainian women fell three times, but has never won.

  • “Miss universe 2006” – Inna Tsymbalyuk entered the top 20.
  • “Miss universe 2007” – L. bikmullin Tatarstan Republic entered the top 15.
  • “Miss universe 2008” – Eleanor masala not included in the top-15.
  • “Miss universe 2009” – Christina Kots-Gotlib in the number of finalists chosen.
  • “Miss universe 2010” – Anna Product was “3-second Vice-miss”.
  • “Miss universe 2011” – Olesya Stefanko became the “1st Vice-miss”.
  • “Miss universe 2012” – Anastasia Chernova in the number of finalists chosen.
  • “Miss universe 2013” Olga Storozhenko entered the top 10.
  • “Miss universe 2014” Diana Garkusha received the title of “2nd Vice-miss”.