4th comedy Festival Paris: the humor here seduced

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PARIS | humor québec has been gaining the interest of the French. This is why the mythical semicolon opens its doors wide to the four humorists here, in the framework of the 4th Festival of humor of Paris (FUP), which begins Wednesday evening.

Olivier Martineau, Mathieu Cyr, Franky and Cathleen Rouleau will be in the small room in paris from Wednesday to Saturday at the rate of one hour each per evening. This evening in quebec is submitted through a fortnight of shows-new concepts featuring about a hundred comedians, that will resonate with places to be accrued as the Great Rex and Bobino until 26 February.

The programming of the famous semicolon, which saw the birth of the biggest names in the comedy French, as Florence Foresti, is devoted entirely to Quebec.

A sense of humor ” jubilant “

It is a privilege to be programmed : the artistic director Antoinette Colin admit to go hearing twenty new clubs per month, who all want to take advantage of the exceptional forum that represents a transition on its boards. Louis-José Houde was the first humorist of quebec to set foot in it, in 2011.

The stand-up of quebec is nothing less than ” jubilant “, said Ms. Colin, Tuesday, during a meeting with The Newspaper. It stresses the “strike force” and “the game” particular of our clubs.

“Quebecers know how to make the images very strong, she said. They are in the detail. It is not only a voyeur of their sketch, one is an actor because they have a way for us to embark with them. ”

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Humor quebec also inspired the comedy French. “There are those who tell me not to schedule them on certain dates, because they want to make the festivals in quebec. They come back changed, because it awakens in them the discounts in question as compared to their humor. ”

More opening

On the eve of the FUP, some media wrap of the presence of our four clubs.

“In the landscape of the humour francophone, Quebec, it is the nec-plus-ultra “, could we read on Monday in Le Parisien, the daily newspaper that was recently named Sugar Sammy as the entertainer of the year. The canal + Channel, has also called on his sets Cathleen Rouleau and Olivier Martineau, not once, but twice, this week.

Olivier Martineau, who has walked on the parisian scenes a few times, says he feels much more openness on the part of the French face of stand-up in quebec. “There are more exchanges, they give us advice. Before, it was not like that, ” he said.

The trio had to do a job of a monk in order to adjust their numbers. It is as well that the word “blueberry” becomes ” blueberry “, “starting a business “becomes” the launch of a new business “and the word “fishy” becomes ” weird “. Otherwise, it is impossible to understand.

Even if they know that they need to arm themselves with patience to hatch a career in France, they have decided to cross the Atlantic just for the challenge of trying.

“It’s a great opportunity,” said Franky.

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