5-6 parties may join the Opposition platform For life, – Boyko

Еще 5-6 партий могут присоединиться к Оппозиционной платформе За життя, - Бойко

5-6 parties may join “the Opposition platform “For life”. This broadcast channel “112 Ukraine” said the co-Chairman of the parliamentary faction “the Opposition bloc” Yuriy Boyko.

“Today, “the Opposition bloc” and the party “For life” signed a political agreement to merge, to achieve important things for the people: end the war, achieve peace, support of economy, job creation, peace on the street. The fact that the agreement on the establishment of a powerful new political force that will represent the interests of people who want peace and stability, it is very important,” he said.

Boyko said that the negotiations between the political forces was about two months, the parties have agreed on positions, fundamental issues, and the Union called a victory for common sense.

“Today we see another 5-6 parties that will join us. Not yet completed negotiations. Such negotiations are going, soon they materialsource. We expect that the whole Opposition bloc will join us just as we expect everyone who wants peace and stability,” he said.

As noted, the party “For life” and “Opposition bloc” signed an agreement about unification of the opposition and urged other political forces to join the General “platform of the Opposition For life”.

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