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Choose a travel destination in which grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts, and children will find their happiness : it is a misconception that only Walt Disney World will do. If it is true that the theme parks this place has come to the forefront of family vacation, there are other possibilities. Here are five suggestions.

1• San Diego, California

San Diego, between land and sea, is a destination
versatile for a family vacation.

San Diego has always been considered as one of the best cities in California for a family vacation. With must-see attractions such as SeaWorld, Legoland, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, the beaches, the surfing, the museums of Balboa Park and the desert at a little distance, it is almost impossible that all the world does not find his account.

In addition, each year the month of October is dedicated to the children with the Kids Free San Diego. During this period, more than 100 attractions, restaurants and hotels offer them free entry.

  • Info : sandiego.org

2• New York

The city that never sleeps
welcomes large and small.

The city of New York has parks, museums, attractions and activities for all tastes and all ages. Walk in Central Park, bike trails, ride a ferry, hike across the Brooklyn bridge, stores, games, legendary, musicals, shows of all kind and creative restaurants. In the latter case, the Ninja (ninjanewyork.com), a village restaurant where the attable in small caves will delight the fans of the Ninja turtles ! In short, as long as you do some research before departure, everyone finds his account in the city that never sleeps.

  • Info : nycgo.com
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3• London

The capital of the United Kingdom
is rich in culture and history.

The capital of the United Kingdom is full of beautiful parks, palaces, monuments, legends, museums, and ghost stories, or murderers like Jack the Ripper, not to mention this is the city of Harry Potter, James Bond and… of a number of musicals. Many activities are offered free of charge and the internet site of the tourist office is full of original ideas for all ages. In addition, since the holding of the olympic Games in 2012, this city is more accessible to people with reduced mobility and more secure than ever.

  • Info : visitlondon.com

4• resorts Beaches

What could be better than an all inclusive
for from them all together ?

Combining luxury and pleasure, the resorts Beaches resorts (Beaches Resorts) are reserved for families. Placed in the heart of lush gardens, close to magnificent beaches, destinations that make you dream of the Caribbean, they offer an array of activities for all ages, and this, in a framework always idyllic. The rooms and suites of different categories and villas can accommodate several people while many restaurants, pools and attractions of all kinds and for all ages are offered. It is not surprising that these complexes are recognised as a favourite destination for families wishing to live precious moments and create unforgettable memories.

  • Info : beaches.com

5• A cruise to the Galapagos

Cruises Silver Galapagos
appeals to all generations.

More and more families are taking cruises and adventures offered aboard the Silver Galapagos in the Galapagos national park. If it is true that this destination requires a greater financial investment, it is certain that all the participants live a unique experience in this paradise of islands where animals have no fear of man.

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To play in the white sand of a deserted island, swim with sea turtles, walking on a lava field from thousands of iguanas, giant, or paddle through mangroves in the company of accredited guides of the park.

  • Info : silversea.com