5 errors, which people spend years trying to learn English, and how to avoid them

5 ошибок, из-за которых люди годами пытаются выучить английский, и как их избежать

Basic communication skills in English can be attained fairly quickly. The main thing — the right approach to training.

5 ошибок, из-за которых люди годами пытаются выучить английский, и как их избежать

Artur Ganiev

Co-owner of the online-school “English Show.”

1. You just memorize new words

People tend to do what is pleasant, and in these moments we least think about efficiency. When there is apps that help teach words, everyone began to study hard, earn points for jagged words and think that they know English better.

Vocabulary — the wrong target, unless you already own at least 1 500-2 000 words and want to travel freely.

Here will help not apps, and movies and communicating with foreigners. It is about a conversational skill people tend to forget, even though it is fundamental. Don’t do only what works for you best, involve more areas. Talking and listening is often much more useful than the vocabulary.

2. You are watching the TV series with Russian subtitles

Many are convinced that spend their time usefully, when you watch American TV series with Russian subtitles. But with this approach you’ll be learning for a long time. Just 5 minutes after the start of a series of brain focuses only on the picture and the subtitles, because it is simple and affordable. English speech you hear, but do not perceive.

To series really helped in learning, I propose to use the following technique: play the same piece of video in the original language several times. When you first play try to understand the meaning of dialogue. The second turn on the English subtitles, test yourself and write down unfamiliar phrases. Finally, in the third reproduction of spoken sentences with heroes, try to mimic them, repeat the pronunciation and intonation.

This method will help you learn new designs, it is better to memorize them and to practice it.

3. You overestimate the bar

The task to learn English from scratch scares: the brain is convinced that you want him too much. Surely you believe that language learning will need 5-10 years, but in reality to learn the language at the household level, enough for three months. For basic communication it is enough to know only 700 words and know the basics of grammar. If you are not going to conduct business negotiations with foreigners, high level of English you do not need. It turns out that far you imagining the elephant, and in fact this is just a fly.

4. You do once a month

Better every day for 5 minutes than once a month for 10 hours. This rule applies to the English language. To quickly learn the language, you need to engage regularly and have to repeat the passed material.

The easiest way to understand how the brain works we can use the forgetting curve, also known as the Ebbinghaus curve. When you’re studying new material, you think you remember it 100%. The next day you will remember only 33% of this information, and after a month — 21%.

5 ошибок, из-за которых люди годами пытаются выучить английский, и как их избежать

To memorize the material, you need several times to repeat it. The cycle of repetition the following:

  • immediately after examining;
  • after 20 minutes;
  • after 1 day;
  • 2 weeks;
  • after 2 months.

This will allow you to memorize rules or learning words. If you are rare, but for a long time, you forget 80% of what is learned.

5. You learn English for themselves

We interviewed the students of our school and found that 65% of them learn English for themselves, and it’s a waste of time. You have to be a clear objective.

The main reason that motivates to learn a language is money. In international companies for those who speak English pay 25-30% more to the same language becomes your competitive advantage when applying for a job.

Common problem of learning English for years — in the absence of action. You which year I think that it would be nice to learn the language, but the dream will remain unfulfilled, because the aim of you ignites. With the same success you had that year going to learn to draw or play the guitar: a desire is not enough. Install yourself: the exact date, the specific cause and level of language proficiency you need. This will help to maintain enthusiasm and to convince the brain that it’s worth it.

If even one of these mistakes, you know yourself, so that’s what hinders the development of the language. Stop teach English for years!