5 headlights where it is possible to spend the night and take themselves to a keeper of the past

5 phares où il est possible de passer la nuit et de se prendre pour un gardien d'autrefois

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A little tanned to hear of huts in the trees and mini-chalets? And if we offered you rather go to sleep in a lighthouse or in the home of a lighthouse keeper?

You don’t need to go very far to live an experience like that.

There are no less than 43 lights traditional in Quebec, according to the Route of the headlights. Some have a more special vocation. Some offer exhibits on shipwrecks, navigation, or the lives of the guardians of the past. Some of the other proposing instead to welcome us for the night.

Here are a few options for those who want to discover these places filled with history (and ghosts?) at the edge of our beautiful grand river.

1. The lighthouse of Pointe-des-Monts, on the North Shore

Dating back to 1830, this lighthouse 7-storey building has been transformed into a museum. This is one of the oldest in the province. The ancient house of the guardian, it has become a cottage of 4 rooms, the Inn the Keeper’s House.

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$ 125 per night (for 1 or 2 persons), breakfast included

2. The flagship of the Pot-the Water of Life, in the Bas-Saint-Laurent

Here, which is rare, we sleep really in the headlight and not in the keeper’s house. And it is in the middle of the St Lawrence river. Standing since 1862, this sentinel is located on the island of the Pot-The Water of Life, in front of Rivière-du-Loup. It offers 3 rooms and travel packages with meals. Bring your own wine!

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190 $ (low season) or 225 $ (high season) per person, per night (occ. double) with dinner, lunch, snack, and crossing included

3. The lighthouse of the island to the Parrots, on the North Shore

Here, too, we spend the night far from the “continent”. The small island to the Parrots is part of the Mingan archipelago. At the foot of a lighthouse, rebuilt in 1951, the houses of the caretaker and the assistant caretaker are now hosting a holiday cottage 4 stars. Rooms with a view (7) and inspired décor of the 50’s.

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From 250,50 $ per person

4. The lighthouse of the Île Verte, in Bas-Saint-Laurent

Spend the night right next to the first lighthouse on the St Lawrence river (1809), in one of the 9 rooms of the hostel the houses of the lighthouse, on the shores of the Green Island. You will be installed in the remains of the guards, a role held by the family Lindsay for 4 generations.

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$ 130 per night, double occupancy (93 $ single occupancy), breakfast included

5. The lighthouse of Cap-Chat, in Gaspésie

Take outright possession of the former home of the keepers of the lighthouse of Cap-Chat, a time to stay at the water’s edge. For rent in full (including Airbnb), the house can accommodate 15 people. Note that the site, where there are trails and gardens, also offers chalets and stays health.

5 phares où il est possible de passer la nuit et de se prendre pour un gardien d'autrefois

$ 300 per night for the whole house

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