5 reasons to start a business in the region

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Montreal may be the metropolis, but according to these entrepreneurs of the four corners of the province, the regions should be envisaged in order to launch his business.

We met on the occasion of the Expo Entrepreneurs, so that they explain us what makes their little country attractive for entrepreneurship.

Jean-Christophe Lamontagne, owner of the bakery To each one his bread to Charlevoix

“I was an aviation technician at Rolls Royce in Montreal and after a long trip, I realized that I needed a mid-life closer to my passions, cycling and the outdoors. By creating my own business in Charlevoix, I wanted to make sure I have the flexibility to go skiing after a big dump of snow, or go climb a mountain by bike in the summer. To be constantly surrounded by an environment where the nature predominates, which allows me to be inspired in my personal and professional life, something that I couldn’t find in the city”.


FĂ©lix-Antoine Huard, co-founder of Rum & Code, company of development of software and applications in Shawinigan in the Mauricie region

“It began not in the same way in the Mauricie region. Be Shawiniganais, is to live life lightly, be less stressed and take time to do things. Yes of time it is less rapid than in the larger centres, but offering a cover unique related to the needs of our customers.”


Sébastien Noël, co-owner of the studio Yoga SAM and Big Holidays, Telus in Rimouski

“I come from Quebec and I am in Rimouski for the past 10 years. The big difference with large cities is that here, the community is really tight-knit, and everyone supports a lot in the entrepreneurial projects. I believe that there are no limits in the region. Everything can be done”.

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Keyven Ferland, founder of the communication agency The Web Shop is based in Saguenay

“I think that to develop its business in the region requires a good capacity of adaptation and a lot of resilience. The needs are not the same as in the large cities, and therefore it is necessary constantly to accommodate its products to the market. According to me, it allows you to be much more creative and reinvent itself more quickly than in urban areas”.

Ian-Patrick Thibault, executive director of the incubator in the entrepreneurship Garage & co in Montérégie

“We have all the ecosystems of business imaginable, electronics, artificial intelligence, or other. The area of Chambly is active initiatives of all kinds to encourage entrepreneurs to come and establish himself there for the past few years. I am convinced that in 5 to 10 years, the MontĂ©rĂ©gie region will be THE spot to expand his business in Quebec”.