5 ways to cope with depression in a short time

5 способов справиться с депрессией в короткие сроки

Simple tips for solving complex problems

Depressed mood, chronic stress and irritation can lead to depression, which cure is sometimes very difficult.

Pay less attention to the negativity, get yourself some good stuff and follow the five tips that will help to cope with depression in a short time, pisaet segodnya.ua.

1. Be active

Take a walk, dance, run jog, take a walk on the bike, simply put, do any physical activity that brings you pleasure. People suffering from depression and apathy, often don’t feel physically active people. But you need to force yourself to do something. You can ask a friend or acquaintance to exercise with you if you need motivation. Once exercise becomes a habit, you will notice a change in your mood and health.

Can help even cleaning the apartment, moving furniture and repair. The main thing that you felt the desire to change something in yourself or around you.

You can enter additional aerobic exercises, yoga can ease depression. Try the pose “downward dog” or “feet-on-the-wall” (you can find these poses on yoga websites). Breathing exercises and meditation can also help people with depression.

2. Eat right

Depression can significantly affect your appetite. One person there is a complete lack of appetite, the other, on the contrary, begins to overeat. If depression has affected your eating, you have to be especially careful in the preparation of the diet. Proper nutrition can positively affect the good mood and positive energy. You need to enter in your diet plenty of fruits, vegetables and herbs, drink plenty of water, eating should be regular.

3. Determine the nature of your problem, and do not dwell on it

Try to identify situations that could trigger your depression. When you realize what makes you feel depressed and why, talk about it with a close person or a specialist. Talk or conversation is a way to release their feelings, to look at the problem from a different angle, to hear themselves. If there is no one with whom you could talk to, pour out his soul in the diary, it also works well.

When you free yourself from painful thoughts and feelings, focus your attention on something positive. Think about how you will be able to solve the problem. Ask for help if you need it. The feeling of participation of your loved ones, friends and family can help relieve depression.

4. Try to Express yourself

In depression the creativity of man and his sense of humor may be blocked. Train your imagination. Get painting, graphics, drawing, sewing, dancing, composing music etc. not only do You get creative inspiration, but also be able to Express their feelings, emotions, to break free, to throw them out.

5. Look at the bright side of your life

Depression negatively affects a person, makes everything dark and hopeless. Try to notice something positive in themselves or in others, and then try to see again and again. Find time to play with a pet, watching a Comedy, to the meeting with a positive person or even company. Positive emotions, especially laughter can significantly improve your mood.