50-year-old blogger has lost 18 pounds: tips to help everyone

Як 50-річний блогер схуд на 18 кілограмів: поради, які допоможуть кожному

Effective tips on how to lose weight
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Blogger Steve spring shared the story about how he decided to lose weight and was able to do in 50 years. Perhaps it will inspire you to get off the couch and finally do them. Catch a dose of motivation!

Steve spring columnist in several media, in particular, writes for publications Live Your Life On Purpose, The Startup, Better Humans. He gave three experience tips that will help you get in shape at any age.

Published a translation of his story that will inspire you!

Two years ago I got sick after returning from a trip to South America and ended up in the hospital. Although my illness soon passed, I was told that I have 18 kilos in weight, fat percentage in my body was 32%, cholesterol went up to 203 and glucose is 109. Needed something to do, otherwise I would not last long.

I didn’t know where to start. For many years I wasn’t thinking about food and not exercise. To get in shape after 50 is not so easy. With age it is much harder to lose weight and build muscle. But over the past two years I have been able to improve their health. I lost 18 pounds, brought the fat content in the body to 20%, lowered cholesterol levels and blood sugar. Here three methods, which were for me the most useful. I hope they will help you.

1. Try different diets for one month, and select the appropriate

Як 50-річний блогер схуд на 18 кілограмів: поради, які допоможуть кожному

Select your diet

I tried a lot of diets. Started with the power supply system the Whole30. It completely eliminates the consumption of sugar, dairy products and grain. And that’s exactly what I love, so it was hard. And a lot of time was spent on cooking. But this month I lost 5.5 pounds.

Then I tried interval of the hunger strike. It was not as difficult as I thought. With this approach, you can eat any food, but only at certain times. It’s more convenient to have Breakfast at 11:00 and dinner at 19:00. Worked 8 hours eating and 16 hours fasting. Although you can eat whatever you want, I’m trying to eat healthy food and only occasionally allowed himself to pizza or burgers.

I experimented with the ketogenic diet. It is easy to stick to because it allows fatty delicious food. It is well suited for weight reduction, but in the long run it’s more harm than good.

In the end I came to the conclusion that a strict diet and rules do not work.

They accelerate weight loss, but do not guarantee long-term success. If you wish to be healthy, you need to eat healthy food.

Now I just try to eat balanced. Them less prepared foods, more fish, lean meat, whole grains. And drink about three liters of water a day.

Try different diets in action. Stick each in a month and draw conclusions. But if you’re already in the beginning feel that the diet doesn’t work or hurts you, move on to the next. In the end, you will find a nutrition plan that suits you.

2. Go for 10,000 steps a day

Як 50-річний блогер схуд на 18 кілограмів: поради, які допоможуть кожному

Have a lot of walking

To lose weight – you need to move. Optional to register for the marathon or to exhaustion in the gym. Just add the life is more physical activity.

I decided to start with walking 10 000 steps a day. According to studies, this helps to lower your blood pressure, stabilizes the level of glucose in blood and improves mood. I didn’t stop until the phone showed that I walked 10,000 steps. It was difficult at first. Sometimes you have to go out when I want to just relax or spend time with family. But I forced myself and never missed a day.

You do not have to pass exactly 10 000 steps, the main thing – to move more than before.

It is easier to start with walking because it does not require monumental efforts. But in bad weather you can go to the nearest supermarket and go there. Or work on the treadmill.

3. Make up a simple 30-minute workout

Як 50-річний блогер схуд на 18 кілограмів: поради, які допоможуть кожному


If you just diet, you will lose not only fat but also muscle mass. To avoid this, you need to do strength training. This can be a home workout with their own weight, exercises with a barbell in the gym or Croft.

If you don’t do – select any of the types. The key is to start today.

For many years I was not in the gym, and had to start with something simple. In this case, it is very useful to work with a coach. It will help not to get injured if you are too eager to take up the case. Develop a simple plan of exercise. So you’ll know exactly what to do, and don’t miss the lesson. Gradually complicate your workouts.

If you have enough self-discipline to do without a trainer, exercise at home. Many online video and recommendations for preparation of training. The main thing is to do at least 30 minutes.


Як 50-річний блогер схуд на 18 кілограмів: поради, які допоможуть кожному

A healthy lifestyle

I’m not a doctor, not a trainer and not a nutritionist. I don’t know in what condition now your body. But I know that healthy eating and movement is beneficial to all. The more you find suitable training system. No bones about it. To live longer, start to take care of your health today.