5000 babies born with a midwife

Émile, Léon and Marie-Lou came into the world very closely on June 18th and 19th. The parents had all chosen a follow-up with a midwife from the Maison de naissance de l’Estrie. Three births, three stories, but one common element: they have surpassed the magic figure of 5000 babies born with the help of midwives in Estrie since 1994.

In spite of different paths and several unforeseen during the births, the new parents recommend all the accompaniment of a midwife.

“For me, this follow-up goes without saying. I was confident right away. Everything is looked at in a global way and we are really taken into consideration, with great respect, “admitted Stéphanie Orliange de Granby, mother of Marie-Lou who is her fourth child.

“I appreciated the natural approach, the appointments where we can take the time to ask all our questions,” says Éliane Mailloux of Sherbrooke, mother of Émile, her first baby.

In nearly 25 years of existence, the number of midwives in the Estrie House of Birth has increased from 5 to 13. They deliver an average of 350 deliveries per year, representing almost 10% of births in the region.

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