7 excursions that are worth totally worth it that you went out of your all inclusive

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After a few days to relax on the beach and at the pool, you feel the need to get out of your all inclusive to go and explore the surrounding area? For a bit of a change from the traditional catamaran cruise, here are seven excursions exciting to be booked directly with your hotel or your tour operator.

1. Rio Secreto

Riviera Maya, Mexico

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For the adventurous soul, Rio Secreto is a succession of caves and cenotes that are connected to each other by underground several tens of kilometers. Visitors will have to walk, and sometimes swim, in order to discover the wonders of stalactites and stalagmites. This maze of underground galleries, yet explored by speleologists and researchers, today, may even be connected to Tulum, at more than fifty kilometres away.

2. In the footsteps of Bob Marley


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Figure oh-so-iconic of Jamaica, the reggae singer Bob Marley is born in Nine Miles, a small village lost in the green hills of the island. Montego Bay, it takes two hours to transfer, a part of which a bit bumpy before you get to the village. Here, visitors can immerse themselves in the world of the king of the reggae by visiting the house of his birth, his mausoleum, and that of his mother, with his best songs in the soundscape.

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3. Los Haitises national park

Samana, dominican Republic

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At the start of Samana, a trip by boat brings the tourists to the Los Haitises national park, a sanctuary of some fifty islands and islets with mangroves, manatees and tropical birds by the hundreds. Once they landed, the visitors will be able to venture out, accompanied by their guide, to the inside of the cave to see the drawings and engravings pre-columbian. A beautiful trip for lovers of nature and history.

4. Mexico Lindo Cooking

Cancun, Mexico

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Lovers of mexican cuisine, this culinary tour is for you! Alexandra is a senior mexican whose kitchen yellow and pink located in the middle of the jungle, not far from Puerto Morelos, about forty minutes from Cancun, is open to all. Its culinary workshops allow apprentices cooks know a few of her secrets for cooking up a mexican cuisine typical, tasty and authentic. At the end of the workshop, everyone attable to enjoy the fruit of their labors.

5. Havana


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How to spend a week in an all inclusive to Cuba without taking the time to visit for a few hours or more, the open-air museum that is Havana, its capital coloured? Its colonial architecture, its arcades, balconies, wrought-iron gates and courtyards will charm the amateurs of old stones. Varadero, the resort the most popular resort of the island, it takes about two hours by road.

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6. Tulum

Riviera Maya, Mexico

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Tulum is an ancient mayan port town, relatively well conserved, located at the edge of the Caribbean sea. An hour from Playa del Carmen, this exceptional archaeological site, on a rocky promontory, is home to hundreds of thousands of tourists every year, walking among the old stones, erected centuries ago, today, invested by dozens of iguanas to be b eaming in the sun. Because attention, it is often hot, very hot at Tulum. Bring your swimsuit, the small beach next to the site will be very inviting at the end of the visit.

7. Sanctuary to donkeys


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Did you know that the island of Antigua has a large population of donkeys, formerly used in the fields and now left in the wild? Unfortunately, many of them are injured in road accidents, or abused. Thus was born the sanctuary to donkeys of the island, that it is possible to visit to pander to some of the 150 animals rescued. Dogs and cats, some rescued during hurricane Irma that has swept the small island of Barbuda in September 2017, are also available for adoption.

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