7 year old, she dreams of defeating breast cancer

From the top of its 7 years (and a half!), Noëlie Kiczak, Malartic, has a strength of character incredible and an infectious joie de vivre. She uses them with energy to publish a book of recipes and sell paintings in order to defeat cancer of the breast.

Still a little girl, Noëlie has undergone several tragedies in the last year than some people will live in a life: the death of her godmother Josée Pelletier, age 33, after 9 months of treatments for cancer of the breast rapid, and this, on the evening of the funeral of his great-grand-mother.

I hope that the children of the world learn to cook and become self-sustaining. I love to read, write, and cook. I do it with my mom who is a pastry chef and my dad cook

Noëlie Kiczak

The girl has also experienced the diagnosis of the same cancer his mom Sylvie-Anne Pelletier, 29 years old, who underwent ablation of the left breast and six months of chemotherapy treatments, in addition to have to remove the second breast and the removal of the fallopian Tubes this fall, the death of his paternal grandmother due to lung cancer and the stroke of his godfather.

“Our daughter has about a 72 % chance of developing the cancer at a young age and one in two chance of having the gene. A specialist told me that at 18 years old, it will be able to pass the genetic test and make decisions in a preventive way. We will be there to lend a helping hand,” says the mom.

“I want to make me remove the breasts and reconstruct them. I wouldn’t have to have chemo? request-t-it to his mother. Yippee!”

Raise money

Noëlie and his parents, Kevin Kiczak and Sylvie-Anne Pelletier.

Photo courtesy – Vicky Nephew

Despite his difficult year, the young Malarticoise dream to publish a book of recipes to raise money to benefit the breast cancer Foundation via the Crossing of the Z they journey on a motorcycle. “When my sister was sick, she had no financial security or insurance. Noëlie told her godmother that she was going to sell a book of recipes to give him money. She died too quickly and the notebook has slept in the cupboard a time. My daughter came back to see me to start his project, tells the story of Sylvie-Anne Pelletier.

“The book will speak of its history, but also to bring the children to understand the cancer. Noëlie is very aware of the disease and death, but it remains young. His friends are not all on the same stage”, she says.

“The book contains 41 recipes, a few healths, but also desserts and a lot of craziness, including the chocolate pudding to the Home of the white birch (home palliative care Amos), where my grand-mother Suzanne died,” says the little girl.

The book will be released in late September, and people can also buy an apron. “It will be a great opportunity for parents to cook with their children some simple recipes of 5-10 or 15 minutes. We will propose alternatives for the allergic people,” says Sylvie-Anne.

Externalize his sentence

From Friday morning to Saturday morning and via Facebook, the population will be able to get one of the 30 paintings made by Noëlie.

“Our daughter talks a lot, but never herself and her feelings. As she has experienced things intense, I suggested that she show her worth through the paint. She has done a lot of research and paints what she loves. She dreams of going to New York, so she reproduced the statue of Liberty”, citing the example of the mother.

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