“95 quarter” in Ternopil, got all!

kvartal1-237x300Full room studio audience gathered staff “95 quarter” in Ternopil. December 14 in the tour cities in Ukraine actors and comedians gave a concert in the “Fine City.” In Ternopil team arrived in full force, including representatives of copyright shop. Although the cost of a ticket to the show ranged from 250 to 800 USD., They sold out long before the concert.

In Ternopil ‘kvartalivtsi “for the first time, but this time as the head of the studio Vladimir Zelensky, the concert was” in a new way. ” Like, do so said the President of Ukraine, so the studio decided to start off and brought still not replicated on TV comic scene. Joked traditionally on relevant themes: New Year, politics, family life, work traffic police, exchange rate, and more. It should be noted that with all the stars of this magnitude “kvartalivtsi” – one of the few who actually started the concert without delay. A punctual – is, incidentally, feature of kings and a sign of respect for his audience.

Speaking of kings. It started one night comedians. New Year – 30 years ago in the house of the current President of Russia Vladimir Putin. On the “blue fire” in his just released from prison, Viktor Yanukovych, a young and promising Yulia Tymoshenko, sleepy Dmitry Medvedev, “pioneer” Oleg Lyashko well and focused athlete Vitali Klitschko. Yanukovych bathroom Putin saw the thief, but then opam’yatavsya that this mirror Lyashko refused devices at the table because he his fork. Thumbnail came not only funny, but also realistic. It was a great start to the evening, and fun, and festive.

Then everything went according to plan. Categories: “News of the quarter”, “Children’s World”, “Guests quarter” and so on.

“Stirred” crowd and one of the authors of studies Valery Zhitkov known as “Tambov wolf”. “He’s an expert on high humor because it tells height of 198 cm” – joked odnin with “kvartalivtsiv.” Overall, interestingly, the actors improvised jokes were no less successful than those prescribed in the script. Valery Zhitkov described the work of the actors in the play “Little Red Riding Hood.” And theater-goers had to play in neopalenomu room. For example, some actors warmed alcohol, others wore suits his industry colleagues over his monologue and finally struck the main character of all that to get warm, always cover the pit closed. The situation is certainly anecdotal, but faced with similar and “kvartalivtsyam.” The room PC “Berezil” was not too obihrite, so obviously the team in between scenes and rubbed his hands.

“Quarter” would not “Quarter” if not perepalo of the current government. They laughed authors of the first session of the Parliament. They say that during the roll deputies found out many interesting things. Number convocations comedians offer a deduction by the number of old-timer pidborid Parliament Efim Zviahilsky. Assessing deputatok the Council, the Speaker asks MPs not to come to the meeting with an escort. Asking one of the women as she came in BP, deputatka said that it is a birthday gift. They laughed and layman Cossack Gavryliuk that will feed a cow in the Parliament. The latter went to the Parliament on the list of the Radical Party Lyashko. Like, when Havryliuk will take care of the cow, and it will be interesting, and the Council safely. Do not stay out of sight and commander-MPs.

Miniature lightning speed proved Vladimir Zelensky “ala” greeting Poroshenko Ukrainian New Year. It guarantor of the Constitution promised to return next year Ukraine Crimea. “Frankly, as a person, I believe it was, but as President, I hope to inspire you to take care of the welfare of all and blah blah blah” – said the actor. It is hoped that next year will stabilize and Ukrainian hryvnia. Then heal all happy with the course of 35 USD. for the US dollar. Were the most astute final word address of the President “Vladimir Putin at the world not infringe the Russian-speaking citizens, so stop sending their soldiers there.”

The crowd repeatedly standing ovation actors, what V.Zelenskyy said, “I do not understand you or respect us as escorts, because we have something to say to you.” Completed studies of speech presentation all participants. Including dance group. It turned out that one of the dancers hail from Ternopil. They laughed “kvartalivtsi” and on themselves. Like, choreographer they change often because they love to dance all over the orchestral pit. And next to marker “Yuzyk” Zelenskiy is intentional – for contrast. He said those who sit on the balcony and thinks along George Koryavchenkovym not “green”, and package. A completed performance “kvartalivtsiv” as always optimistic: “We all win! Glory to Ukraine! ”

Jokes from the studio “95 quarter”

During sea tours in Egypt captain jumped overboard, because we believe that he has more chance of surviving with sharks than tourists from Russia.

Traveling easy to determine who got people. If rozdryapana back, we got one. If rozdryapana back and bruises on his face, then came with his wife.

Burning permit this summer. Tour of the steppe is. Visiting protected areas. Communication with the protected cons.

Turkish bartenders always interested in why after 300 grams of whiskey our tourists asked them: “Do you respect me?”, And after doing the 400 grams, then the bartender just respect their will.

Thematic tour “Gangster 90”. Enakieve – Horlovks – Sieverodonetsk. Lodging landings. Visit quarries. Forced diving.

After this spring on the beach is easy to distinguish children Kiev. Ordinary children on the beach digging holes, Kiev – buried holes and level.

Only in Berdyansk hotels with children running animator uncle Valera … That’s all thanks to their cheerful holiday special features of their gastrointestinal tract.

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