950 young people to participate in the Olympics of the CSRDN!

Each school in the CSRDN selected 24 students to participate in this annual event.

©TC Media – Elaine Nicol

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY. These are 950 students of the Commission scolaire de la Rivière-du-Nord, distributed in 39 primary schools that have participated, on 21 June, the 20th edition of the Olympic games.

Each school in the CSRDN selected 24 students to participate in this annual event.

TC Media – Elaine Nicol

The 24 students from each school were trying and win one of the races, the shot put, the long jump, the long jump with momentum, the endurance race or the races of the 50-meter sprint and 50-meter hurdles. Also, all of the students represented their school for the challenges in the team of the relay race and tug-of-war.

This year, it is the school Colors of the Knowledge that has been the most strong to the test of tug-of-war. The students, who wore the colors of the school The Source, have been the fastest in the relay race, while representatives of the St. Joseph school have been rewarded for their sportsmanship throughout the day.

At the level of individual events, the school Saint-Philippe has amassed the most points among small schools. Dubois won the honors among the schools said to be of average quantities. Finally, and Sea World was the best school from among those qualified large.

“It is an event that offers experience to young people while developing their self-esteem. Also, for the past nine years, we welcome the Para-Olympics. They are students with motor difficulties, or intellectual, who come to excel in the same events, but adapted. They give us, every year, a beautiful lesson of life!”, mentioned Romy Lauzon, physical education teacher and head of the school sport.

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