98.5 FM chooses to bet on in the morning

Photo: Graham Hughes The canadian Press
The popular antenna Cogeco has removed the emissions “Vice and versa”, “Auto 360” and “Myths and conspiracies”, and this, after only one season on the air.

If the radio is montreal’s 98.5 FM, has withdrawn its three new shows of the weekend, among others, it is because the station wants to focus on his morning show on Saturday and Sunday, explained to the Duty the general manager of the station, Philippe Lapointe.


The Duty, announced Thursday that the popular antenna Cogeco put at the disposal emissions, Vice versa, Auto 360, and Myths and conspiracies, and this, after only one season on the air. In August, the 98.5 FM had announced the arrival of these teams, which stand in for the musical programming of the end of the week.


“We invest more in the morning show with Matthew Beaumont,” said Thursday the director general of 98.5 FM, Philippe Lapointe, refusing to explain the recent decisions by ratings or by the quality of the emissions.


This will not be a mad dash on 98.5 FM to take over as head of the waves, to the days of the end of the week, he assured Mr. Lapointe, but the station wants to slowly but surely invest these time slots, in its own way.


“We are patients, we install one thing at a time. Here, we focus more on the morning show, and somewhere, when you look at the investments that we must make, we must choose our battles strategically, ” says d. g., referring to the approach radio-canada very much focused on entertainment and humour.


As it was announced on Thursday, the facilitator Matthew Beaumont will be the show Weekend Extra to be moved an hour later, from 8 a.m. to noon, but it will be on the air from 7 a.m. to animate The headlines, version weekend.


“We want to offer something like an “alternative” that is more youthful compared to what Radio-Canada offers, says Philippe Lapointe. It is very good at what they do in the morning, [Joel] The Bigot and Franco [Nuovo] are two very good facilitators, but the truth is that it is aging. This is normal, it’s been a long time that they are there. Therefore, we want to install a much more dynamic way, if we want to, more in the style of the radio. “


The team morning should move a little, said Mr. Lapointe, and ” those who are good, we want to give them more “ice time”. “


Real demand for interviews


The end of the week, a good portion of the time slots of the day on 98.5 FM will now be occupied by a selection of interviews broadcast over the antenna during the week.


“We have a lot of contacts with our audience, in all ways possible, and there is a real demand for interviews,” says Philippe Lapointe. The week, there are people who can’t listen to us, or very little. I think the issue of Isabelle Maréchal, people are at work at this time. “


The interviews will also be mounted and placed in context. It is the facilitator Jeffrey Subranni, who will lead the boat.