98.5 FM retired its three new shows of the weekend

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In the time slots formerly occupied by the music, the market share of 98.5 FM would be increased from 10% to less than 3%.

Five months after replacing its musical programming of the weekend with three new spoken-word programming, 98.5 FM will withdraw officially waves these same emissions from the 13 January to replace, in part, by some of the best interviews of the week with this antenna.


Concretely, the programming Vice versa, with Judith Lussier and Sylvain Lévesque, Auto, 360, with Daniel Boudreault, as well as Myths and conspiracies, with Jeffrey Subranni and Christian Page, will be removed from the programming of the station in montreal, property of Cogeco. The three teams had been formed in August last year. Emissions will, therefore, lasted only one season.


The animator Sylvain Lévesque referred to the end of his show on Facebook during the Holidays, which were also made by the employees of other emissions removed.


An internal memo written by the director-general of the 98.5 FM, Philippe Lapointe, and whose Duty it has obtained a copy explains that, ” following a reflection on our programming schedule, we’re going to make changes in our weekends “. The word states that the station intends to continue the production of Myths and conspiracies, ” but in an ad hoc manner for specific needs of the grid “, says Mr. Lapointe.


The director general added that Judith Lussier, Sylvain Lévesque and Christian Page will not disappear completely from the airwaves on 98.5 FM, as the three communicators will work together ” in various ways to the existing emissions “.




Cogeco has confirmed the new Duty, but the management could not respond in time to our issues, because of the Holidays.


“These changes to the program do not constitute a judgment on the work done by all those who have worked on the emissions that leave the antenna.” wrote also the director-general Philippe Lapointe in its internal note.


In the time slots formerly occupied by the music, the market share of 98.5 FM would otherwise be past 10 % to less than 3 %, according to sources close to the management.


New grid


98.5 FM will carry out a reorganization of its grid of the weekend. The facilitator Matthew Beaumont will be the show Weekend Extra moved one hour later, from 8 a.m. to noon, but however, it will be on the air from 7 a.m. to animate The headlines, version weekend.


However, the greatest part of the airtime will be occupied from noon to 15 pm Saturday and Sunday by the issuance of new shares On demand, which will present the best interviews of the week on 98.5.


The resort will assign also an hour of great interviews with Mario Langlois, Saturday from 15 h to 16 h.


98.5 FM, which was acquired by Cogeco Corus in 2011, obtains very good results the rest of the week, dominating in almost every category. The last survey Numeris PPM for the fall of 2017 showed the viewing share in a week of 21.8 %, an increase of 2.3% compared to the fall of 2016. The morning of the week, Paul Arcand remains the leader undisputed of waves in montreal, or even canada.


The end of the week, it is, however, Radio-Canada, which conducts the bal ratings. Saturday from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Saturday and nothing else gets more than nine market share of more than 98.5 FM, a gap that reached more than 13 points on Sunday, while Draws me on a Sunday.


“We think that we can pull our pin of the game by presenting programming content, the end of the week,” explained in August in the Journal de Montréal the vice-president of programming and information on 98.5 FM, and Michel Lorain.