A bath of crowd in the Impact!

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The Impact players have shared beautiful moments with their members and supporters during the kickoff of their new season and the unveiling of their new jersey.

Quebecers in the formation of the Impact, Samuel Piette, Mathieu Choinière, David Choinière and Anthony Jackson-Hamel have been amazed by the reception the fans have given.

The soccer aficionados Vincent Destouches and Frederick Lord, TVA Sports, hosted the evening with panache and great humor.

Defenders Bacary Sagna and Zakaria Diallo in the company’s midfielder Harry Novillo, the defender is Rudy Camacho and midfielder Saphir Taïder.

Ignacio Piatti is the company’s president and chief executive officer of the Montreal Impact, Kevin Gilmore, who said that he wanted to make the Impact a club’s first-class.

To the delight of the group of supporters “1642 Montreal,” that you see on the picture, the famous bell Star from the North is found for the first time on the Impact jersey.

The new jersey represents both the legacy of the Blue-white-black, and especially the future prospects for young people, such as Alessandro Romano and Luka Digaletos.

The head coach of the Impact, Remi Garde, has answered questions of fans and he stopped to sign many memories.

The player par excellence of the Impact on three occasions (2015, 2016 and 2017, Ignacio Piatti is without a doubt the player is the most popular of the Impact.




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