A bear has attended a soccer game in Russia and it was full of issues

Un ours a participé à un match de soccer en Russie et on a plein de questions

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The Russia of Vladimir Putin and countless dashcams, will host the 21st world Cup of soccer this summer.

Although the country will host the biggest gathering of fans of “football”, Russia is not necessarily the country that comes to mind when we think of this sport…

Up to now.

In a match between Mashuk-KMV to CF Aungusht, a bear has been featured in the ceremonial pre-game.

Not a man disguised as a bear, a real bear. As one who has ripped Timothy Treadwell.

First question: Who thought this was a good idea?

In a video immortalizing the ceremony, you can see the bear followed his companion on the ground.

Second question: Who, in life, is left with the job of coach of the bears?

Then, you can see the bear take a soccer ball, and give it to the referee of the match.

Third question: When we said to the referee that he was going to receive a balloon of a bear, you think that he believed that it was a joke?

Then, you can see the bears cheer and the match begins.

Fourth question: How important, in your opinion, the Russian she had in the results of the american presidential election of 2016?

Finally, seeing a bear in a soccer match does not make much sense, except to remind us that the domestication of wild animals should no longer exist in 2018.