A big party in August for the Games of the street

On the occasion of the 375th anniversary of the quebec metropolis, Montrealers and visitors are invited to a big party scheduled for August 16th at parc Jarry during the final Games of the street.

The event “the Games of the street are celebrating Montreal!” will include parkour, barber service, canteen and other free activities during that battle the final inter-district basketball and soccer, in addition to three open tournaments of street hockey, cricket, flag football, soccer bubble.

Some 4,000 young people from 12 montréal boroughs compete in the Games of the street. This initiative was born in Ahuntsic-Cartierville in 2002, allows young people 12 to 24 years “distant networks traditional sports” sometimes, for lack of money, to enjoy freely and for free in various tournaments and sporting events during the summer and the winter.

“The Games of the street also represent proudly the multicuralisme of Montreal. Particular attention is to offer tournaments to the image of the interests of all young people. The cricket tournament, which has existed since 10 years, is a good example,” says Louise Giguère, director-general of the RAP Youth, the organizer of the Games.

Source of success
The success may come from the street, reminded the ambassador of the great feast of August 16, Andy Mailly-Pressoir.

The sports reporter cites the example of the Montreal Chris Boucher, spotted by chance on a basketball court from the Little Burgundy in June 2012 and today’s signing of a contract in the NBA with the Warriors of Golden State. He also referred to the victory of the haitian national team in the final of division B of the world championships of ball hockey, Switzerland, in June 2015.

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“The first time I touched a hockey stick, it is when, at the age of about 5 years, my mother has put one in their hands and told me to go play in the street”, recalls the reporter for 27 years.

The event “the Games of the street are celebrating Montreal!” takes place from 14h to 20h. The details of the programming are available on the page Facebook of the Games of the Street or on the web site of the Society of celebrations of the 375th anniversary of Montreal.