A breakthrough in the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease

Совершен прорыв в диагностике болезни Паркинсона

Thanks to new methods of early diagnosis, specialists will be able to delay the manifestation of symptoms for several years.

Specialist in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease Professor Werner Pave from the Medical University of Innsbruck (Austria) reported the expected significant breakthrough in the treatment of the disease in the coming years. The key issue is the timely diagnosis in accordance with the latest discoveries of science.

This information will be presented in the specialist report, “Curable whether Parkinson’s disease?” to “Week of the brain” in Innsbruck March 13 – reports Magicforum.

According to experts, modern medicine is able to identify the disease before the start of the complaints. It is possible for at least another 10 years before signs of the disease. For example, a precursor of Parkinson’s disease is a disturbance of REM sleep. During REM sleep in healthy people marked a characteristic contraction of the muscles – twitching.

If they are not, the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease in the next 5-15 years, up to 60-80%. Considering this symptom in conjunction with other known characteristics, can significantly improve diagnosis. Due to this, in the coming years, the therapy of the disease must become more efficient.