A brief history of the poop in the West

Photo: iStock
In the video a couple of minutes, the historian Laurent Turcot, delves into the history of the representation of excrement in the West.

Laurent Turcot has decided to interest his world in the story, and takes major steps to get there. The very first episode of his new YouTube channel dedicated to the history, titled History will tell, on the shit, a topic that affects everyone.


In a video of about fifteen minutes , which launches the series, which will focus also on leisure, sports and many other things, Turcot delves into the history of the representation of excrement in the West.


It is clear from the findings quite interesting. Thus, Turcot, we quote an exchange of letters in the Seventeenth century, between Elizabeth-Charlotte of Bavaria, and her godmother, Sophia-Charlotte of Hanover. In his reply to his goddaughter, Ms. Hanover was that ” the most beautiful women are the ones who shit the better ; those who do shit not become dry and scarce, and therefore ugly “. So take note, Ladies…


To demonstrate the uneasy relationship that binds the conscience of western-dung, Laurent Turcot shows a table dated of finding employment van Ostade, painted in 1643 : Fair at the village around a church. In its original version, the table shows, in its right corner, a man defecating in front of a dog. At the time, the painters showed as well, ” says the historian, that, in the end, humans are all the same, before the shit as in the face of death. However, this painting, acquired by George IV in 1810, was restored and transferred to Buckingham palace, at the beginning of the Twentieth century. And this is not until 2015, when restorers have cleaned for an exhibition, that it has been noticed that the character in question had been camouflaged by a bush, painted well after the completion of the original array.


Some, however, have not disdained to bend to the requirements dictated by the rules of etiquette of their time. The Sun King was not use of a commode chair, which allowed him to have a bowel movement at ease, even in public, at the risk of offending the dignitaries present ?