A businessman should run the country like a Corporation – Kravchuk

Бизнесмен не должен управлять страной, как корпорацией, - Кравчук

To power in Ukraine, may come the person who absolutely has no laws of social development and can not imagine what such a society. Such a person will seek to manage not the state and the business Corporation. Such opinion on air of the project “a Great interview with a great politician” on TV channel “112 Ukraine” was expressed by the first President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk.

“To Hitler we might not make it, and Stalin did not make it. It’s different people, different time, and thank God that we do not, and believe it never will be. But people can come, which absolutely has no laws of social development. Simply cannot imagine what such a society. For example, it comes to the management of the businessman. Philosophy of a businessman is profit. System thinking is mine. Corporate thinking. Make a decision, it is my – I. So we say that we should not mix business with politics. Not because the businessman a bad person. His management philosophy – the business, not national. Such people usually do not want to have collective thinking. Such people usually want those people who are with them or around them, listening to the leader. And to do his will. Because for him, Ukraine is becoming a Corporation. So I would not want to came to power are people,” he said.

“If the program of the presidential candidate will not be solved at least three major issues: peace, poverty, corruption – when and how, not just verbal, then I am for such a candidate I will not vote,” – said Kravchuk.

Note that the elections of the President of Ukraine, according to the legislation, scheduled for 31 March 2019. Elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to be held on 27 October 2019. Several candidates have already announced their intention to run for presidential elections.

The full interview with Leonid Kravchuk, please click here.

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