A busy summer for Alex Tagliani

This summer, Alex Tagliani account win the championship in the Nascar Pinty’s, while educating people on food allergies.

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AWARENESS. The racing driver Alex Tagliani was in the habit of riding at full speed on the tracks. This, however, is his allergy to peanuts that made him see death more closely. This is why the rider of Nascar Pinty’s wants to raise people’s awareness of the importance of carrying their EpiPen at all times.

“Five times, I’ve spent almost die because of my allergies, and in spite of everything, I sometimes even forget my EpiPen. It is not easy to think about it all day, especially when it’s been many years that you haven’t had a reaction. It is important to renew and carry his EpiPen,” said Alex Tagliani in passage to Saint-Jérôme on the 6th of July.

The latter has already been intubated in the parking lot of the restaurant before being placed for 72 hours in a medically induced coma since he had forgotten his EpiPen in his car. “I ran up to my car, so I stayed out of breath due to particles of food which found their way into my respiratory tract. I have taken over the management of the restaurant and I dropped my pants, even if I know very well that I can bite me through my jeans. I was in panic mode,” said the racing driver.

A shampoo containing almond oil also made him suffer a crisis allergic. Red and swollen, he dialed 911 because he did not believe to be an allergic reaction since he hadn’t eaten. He still had the reflex to use his EpiPen.

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In a plane in the direction of Australia and in a restaurant in Las Vegas, the cocktail waitresses have failed to show him the pine nuts in the meal that he had chosen. Allergic reactions are followed. “With time, I learned what foods I can eat. My daughter also has allergies and it was difficult to leave it at the daycare. As a parent, we don’t want to take risk. My goal is to help families and people with allergies to live well in society. Thanks to a good education, it is possible to do anything while remaining safe,” added Alex Tagliani.

Awareness campaign

The rider will launch an awareness campaign in The summer of Tag in the context of the race, which will take place in Toronto on 15 July. It will aim to inform about allergies and learn how to stay safe. The participants will be able to win several awards, including some of the new sponsor of Alex Tagliani, Lowe’s Canada, including the owner of the banners Rona and Réno Dépôt.


This season, the racer from Lachenaie to dedicate himself full-time in the series canadian Nascar Pinty’s. At the wheel of his Dodge EpiPen Lowe’s St-Hubert number 18, he will try to clinch the title of champion. Last year, Tagliani has finished in third place in the drivers ‘ standings with 446 points. He had his best season with three wins, two third places, a fourth, a fifth, a sixth, an eighth and a ninth in 11 starts.