A “Bye Bye 2017” biting and a special Infoman which is designed just

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Marc Labrèche in an imitation of Donald Trump

Last year, the team’s Bye Bye 2016, under the direction of Simon-Olivier Fecteau, had set the bar very high for his possible return in 2017. And this year, more than ever, it was funny, even desperately, need of a good laugh to smash the year. For the record, in 2016, we had ditched the special effects and the numbers to be large-scale to go back to basics : mock those who have made the event.


Punché, rhythmic, without pretense, Bye Bye 2016, which had collected ratings of almost four million viewers, was based on texts strong and a distribution of five-star hotels : the “new entrants” Marc Labrèche, memorable in Jean-François Lisée, Anne Dorval, bordering on perfection in the imitation of Danièle Henkel, Véronique Claveau, true-to-nature, Marina Orsini, Pierre Brassard, stunning Jean Leloup, and the player emeritus Patrice L’écuyer, that has made it fly by Justin Poppins. From the first moments of the Bye Bye in 2017, it has been found that Fecteau and company have had the flair to capitalize on the same strengths. After all, when a recipe works, why change it?


For 2017, the year “chaotic, not easy to follow and necessary” has been said a little bit before the countdown, we had been promised a Bye Bye more frontal, more biting, where it was not going to bring white gloves to tackle the difficult subjects. Well, promise kept! And not that almost! First victim : Mélanie Joly. Fame Melanie Djoly (Marc Labrèche), the minister of Heritage becomes the star of a series on ” Mietflix “, The specialist, where Justin Trudeau (Patrice L’écuyer), who will move the wringer in a number on his performance at the UN, sends in the legs of the journalists for their use of speech to make them blow your brains out.


Heads roll

Even more than the sketch on the folder Netflix, the public anxiously awaited the treatment that André Ducharme (script editor), Maxime Caron, Simon-Olivier Fecteau, Rafaëlle Germain and Guillaume Lambert were going to book at the wren deprived of V and the ex-honcho of Just for laughs, both embodied by the always inspired Marc Labrèche.


If Éric Salvail, was entitled to a condensed mode, quasi-burlesque, including a plan turned into a penis-cam, sexual misconduct, Gilbert Rozon has tasted the pen acid of the authors in a nod to the horror film of the year, It (It). ” You’re a clown in a sewer, you’re nothing more “, throw him a woman (Anne Dorval) who lost his keys in the gutter. What more can we add, if not my baloune is pete “?… About Jean-Claude “Giovanni” Appolo (Anne Dorval), it attempts to pass the “baloney” for the steak of ostrich. It is not so far from the truth.


Other heads rolled during this Bye Bye to the fast pace of Simon-Olivier Fecteau and his accomplice François St-Amant. In one of the best flashes of the year-end review, Gaétan Barrette (Patrice L’écuyer), Manon Massé (Véronique Claveau), Michaëlle Jean (Frédéric Pierre) became the subjects of pubs Bell, respectively, for cause of schizophrenia, psychotic delusions and megalomania.


Also brief that fit inside! Philippe Couillard (Patrice L’écuyer, remarkable) appeared in man dismissively in a parody of the grocery Maxi. Like Olivier Morin in PaparaGilles, Marc Labrèche has delivered one of its most désopilantes performances by Celine Dion, fashionista and seller of bags, who loves potatoes.


Distribution of hell

If the Bye has not caused the hilarity, at any time, it is necessary to welcome this time of anthology, Pass-Partrump, which has delighted generation Passe-Partout, where we shot with a red cannon balls on Donald Trump (Marc Labrèche) and Kim Jong-un (Anne Dorval, in one of his most amazing performance), unbearable enfants terribles, where Grand-Papa Bi became a Grand-Dad Trans, where Doualé is forced to return to his country for lack of paper. A skit full of hot topics where the authors are given to heart joy in transforming the songs of mat nursery rhymes assassins.


Who says Bye Bye, says tv shows. And the year 2017 has not been immune. Marched parodies successful d’Occupation double, Great, District 31 (thank you to the behind the Scenes Bye Bye , which has allowed us to discover that Jean-Sébastien Girard hiding under the make-up of Michael “Bruno” Cart!), of VAT new, with Stone Cuff camping a Pierre Bruneau forcing the admiration, where the gags on the UPAC, immigration, Formula E, on Valerie Plante (Anne Dorval) and on the interview the controversial Louis-Philippe Ouimet (Simon-Olivier Fecteau) with Gilbert Sicotte (Pierre Brassard).


The band of Simon-Olivier Fecteau is also mocked (gently) in the Bye Bye go of his version of the worm in the ear of the year, Despacito, where we had the right to the appearance of Adib Alkhalidey. Other apparition noticed that the one of Laurent Paquin Denis Coderre, who is to say “bye bye” by Montrealers, shortly before the count.


If the actors outdid themselves in their imitation, the team of the CCM (costume, hair, makeup) certainly deserves a Gemini for their impeccable work. In sum, few have been spared this year, not even the Montreal Canadiens, nor the Pack (led by comedian Jonathan Roberge), or the executives of Bombardier. And it is so much better! We love the Bye Bye that hit where it hurts. And in the genre, the dreaded band Fecteau does not have its place.


Infoman true to himself


In one hour, the angled gaze of Jean-René Dufort managed to light up the year, it is more likely that an ephemeris, was it comprehensive. The formula is proven; the pace still as effective, without visible trace of shortness of breath for this release 2017 d’Infoman who has x-rayed the year with its correctness as usual.


It is a Charlotte Cardin singing love in the time of the disaster, which has launched the review with a nice plumb. Drooling with desire, without being stupidly evil, the overview allowed us to measure the path travelled on the social plan in 2017, the year for the less explosive on the front of the inequalities.


Special Mention to this effect in the square set inclusive moderated by Chantal Lamarre, who has found a beautiful way to address our questions haunting surrounding the concepts of gender, race and consent. The comedian and actor Fabien Cloutier did the rest with his dog “Magraine” illustrating the limits not to cross in company, playing fiercely on the levels of discourse.


By comparison, the stagnant political will have appeared that more apparent under the magnifying glass of Jean-René Dufort, who excels in the art of poking those who lead us in the cooking on their one-year sawtooth. Unfortunately, the side reserved for the uses disconnected speech of a Mélanie Joly lives up to its reputation fell flat. It was not necessarily bad, but the Bye Bye hit harder by pushing the logic further, and this, with a inventiveness, otherwise enjoyable.


The team ofInfoman has referred more fair with Philippe Couillard, Andrew Scheer, Justin Trudeau or even with Valerie Plant, going as far to call science to the rescue for ébaubir this last, with its “superpowers”. Fun also, this parody of “Jokes from dad” on the web by members of parliament, obviously good players.


Surreal finally, the passage of Jean-René in the man more armed of the United States, while the killings follow one another in an America riven into two camps. The final word was left to the singer Émile Bilodeau and to all those who, like him, have a full helmet of 2017 (on the pa-ma-trimoine, Despacito, Netflix…), year plated with passion by the footballer quebec Laurent Duvernay-Tardif. 2018 has an interest to hold up well.

Bye Bye 2017 and Infoman

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