A clean house and fresh air: Suprun told how to reduce the risks of asthma

Чистота в доме и свежий воздух: Супрун рассказала, как уменьшить риски бронхиальной астмы

Acting Minister of health Suprun on his page in Facebook told how to reduce the risks of bronchial asthma.

“To reduce the risk of asthma, keep the house clean – regularly clean and ventilate the room. Watch the level of dry air in the house, if necessary, moisten and filter the air with special devices”, – she wrote.

Also important is the limitation of household chemicals or the use of rubber gloves and masks when using chemicals.

“The cause of the asthma can also be some medications, so do not self-medicate, before taking any medication consult a doctor! Be active. Even if you do not exercise, motivate yourself to walk every day in any weather,” – said Suprun.

At the same time when you first suspect an Allergy, it is recommended to consult a doctor. Early treatment, she said, leads to a stable remission, and the administration of basic drugs slow the progression of the disease.

Among the most common causes of asthma, acting Minister of health called allergens, genetic predisposition, bad working conditions: influence of chemical stimuli, particularly in the workplace, low birth weight and/or maternal Smoking during pregnancy, frequent respiratory infections, obesity, low physical activity and some drugs that can cause worsening of the disease in people who already suffer from asthma.

Earlier, Suprun said that Smoking causes not only cancer but also other diseases of the lungs and other organs.

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