A day without a refrigerator: the Prosecutor’s office opened criminal proceedings due to improper storage of corpses in the Lviv region

Сутки без холодильника: Прокуратура открыла уголовное производство из-за неправильного хранения трупов во Львовской области

In the morgue of a hospital in the Lviv region for days without refrigerating chamber kept the bodies of the dead, the police began an investigation into official negligence. About it reports a press-service of the local Prosecutor’s office.

“Stryiskyi the local Prosecutor’s office began criminal proceedings upon office negligence in Zhidachovsky Central district hospital”, – is spoken in the message.

As noted, during monitoring news from the Internet, militiamen found out that in the morgue of the said hospital for a long period of time there is no special cold storage to ensure proper storage of corpses.

For example, in the story TSN said that four days without refrigeration chamber in the morgue Zhidachovsky CRB lay the body of a murdered woman. When it arrived, it had already begun to decay. “I went to the morgue I almost fell from fear of what was going on. Flies fly, there is no cold storage, nothing,” says a relative of the deceased.

It is noted that the putrid smell and the outside of the morgue.

In readministration on the question of the morgue without freezers are complaining of lack of funds.

Conducting pre-trial investigation in criminal proceedings upon office negligence in Zhidachovsky CRB is entrusted to investigative Department Zhydachevskii OP OP NP GU Stryi in the Lviv region.

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