A documentary on the post-OD

Un documentaire sur l’après-OD

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Marie-Lyne Joncas is preparing a documentary on the post-double Occupancy. The comedian, who was part of the staff of the broadcast OD+, live at MusiquePlus, last fall, is interested in the daily life of the former contestants of the popular appointment television.

In interview to the Newspaper, the stand-up comic says that the idea for the documentary was planted in December, when she accompanied two candidates-the stars of’double Occupation of Bali, Sansdrick and Adamo, at a nightclub in Sherbrooke.

The owners of the bar had paid for the participants so that they will make an appearance. The scene in which Marie-Lyne Joncas attended when they broke into the establishment struck his imagination.

“It was like rock stars,” she says to the Newspaper. People were throwing themselves at them. When I saw it, I told myself that it was necessary for all the world to see it ! “

Six months later

Rémi Fréchette will sign the making of the documentary which is associated with the production house of’double Occupancy (Productions J), we inform Marie-Lyne Joncas. The shooting will continue this summer, history of witness to the journey of the participants, six months after their exit. We already know that Sansdrick will host a program of decoration to Channel Life.

Of course, a meeting with Joanie, the competitor having been the most talked about last season, is part of the plans.

Still no diffuser

No broadcaster is attached to the documentary until now. The side of V, we have been advised that nothing is planned at the moment.

Whatever happens, Marie-Lyne Joncas wants to lead this project to completion. “At worst, I’ll put it on the internet,” she says. It is too interesting to miss. “

This one-hour program could serve as a good preamble to the red carpet of’double Occupation in Greece, the new season, which will be presented to V this fall. The hearings should be held in the course of the next few months.

As for Marie-Lyne Joncas, she continues the tour of the Great Flood, the duo’s humorous that it forms, with Eve-Side. The tandem will make his return to montreal, may 16 at Club Soda.