A dozen charges filed against the ex-hostage Joshua Boyle

Photo: Nathan Denette, The canadian Press
The ex-hostage Joshua Boyle must return to court in Ottawa on Wednesday.

Ottawa — The ex-hostage Joshua Boyle was arrested and faces a dozen charges, confirmed his lawyer, on Tuesday.


The Canadian had been released recently after being held hostage for several years in Afghanistan with his wife and their children born in captivity.


According to the lawyer Eric Granger, charges of sexual assault, assault and forcible confinement case against Joshua Boyle.


The Ottawa police Service has refused to give more details about the case.


Me Granger pointed out that his client was presumed innocent until the contrary is proved.


Joshua Boyle and his wife of american origin, Caitlan Coleman, had been abducted in Afghanistan in 2012. They were released last October with their three young children.


The accused must return to court in Ottawa on Wednesday.


“He has never had problems in the past, commented to Me Granger in an interview with The canadian Press. No evidence has been provided for the moment, which is normal at this stage of the proceedings. We expect to receive the evidence to defend against these accusations. “


A publication ban prevents the dissemination of any information that would identify victims or witnesses involved in the case. It is also forbidden to publish the details of the procedures of bail.