“A dream realised”

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Two dancers in quebec have obtained a exceptional showcase to demonstrate their know-how, Sunday, when they participated in the opening number of the evening of the Grammy awards alongside the new pop star, Camila Cabello.

Not only Aglaë these behaviours greatly facilitate and Jenny Dailey had the chance to set foot upon this prestigious stage, but they each had their moment of glory during the performance of the singer cuban-american to the sound of her mega-hit Havana.

In the first moments of this number to the staging elaborate, it is these behaviours greatly facilitate that expects Cabello in a bedroom in blue, holding a stuffed toy in his arms.

As for Dailey, her partner and her are catapulted to the forefront during many seconds during a sequence of salsa during which it flaunts its flexibility.

Jenny Dailey

The loop is closed

“Dance to the Grammy, this is a dream come true “, shared these behaviours greatly facilitate, as The Log was attached in Los Angeles, on Monday, the day after his performance.

The Quebecer, who said that he rehearsed for seven hours a day for two weeks in view of the provision of Sunday, is a veteran of the great scenes. In recent years, she has toured with Chris Brown, Selena Gomez, Drake, and Camila Cabello.

She confessed that the evening of Monday, was of a particular character, as it was the last time she shared the stage with the young star. “It loop the loop,” she said.

Aglaë these behaviours greatly facilitate was also a ringside seat to see the female artists stand out for a Grammy award.

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“It felt that we were there. Just on our number, we were 15 girls. For me, it was an honor to be a part of this edition of the Grammy awards. “

“On a cloud “

It has not been possible to speak with Jenny Dailey. The Montreal, which dance also with her twin sister Jayme Rae, has shared his happiness on his account Instagram, Monday.

“I’m still on a cloud. I wanted to dance with this beauty Camila Cabello since the release of Havana. I don’t take these moments for granted because they go by so quickly, ” wrote Dailey, who also thanked to the joke of not having escaped.

As Aglaë these behaviours greatly facilitate, Jenny Dailey has danced with some of the biggest american stars since she moved to Los Angeles. It has view to the sides of Prince, Pharrell Williams, Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj. Her sister and she also played in the movie Step Up 5: All In.