A fire station burned in the Bas-Saint-Laurent

The fire station and the municipal garage of a small locality in the Bas-Saint-Laurent were destroyed by a violent fire that broke out on Thursday night.
There did not appear to be any injuries during the disaster at La Rédemption, a village about 20 kilometers south-east of Mont-Joli.
The fire broke out shortly after 7:30 pm and the conflagration at the two neighboring buildings was not long in coming. Equipment has also been destroyed by flames whose origin is not yet known.
A safety perimeter had to be erected and a dozen local residents were evacuated because of the explosion caused by the presence in the municipal garage of tanks containing several hundred liters of petroleum products.
The flames were fought by firefighters from local municipalities, including those in Rimouski, who had to travel about sixty kilometers to get to Redemption.

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