A first magazine for the #CoffeeAddicts in Montreal

Un premier magazine pour les #CoffeeAddicts à Montréal

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Latte, cappuccino, long black with two creams, one sugar… no matter how you take your coffee, if you clicked on this article it is that you probably have a passion for the caffeine and everything that surrounds it.

It’s just as well, because a magazine is very “full-bodied” should see the light of day in Montreal in a few months.

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The full-Bodied magazine is a project camped by followers of coffee who wish to share their love of this beverage of the Gods with the planet.

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“Each number is the result of a dozen seasoned editors, a dozen illustrators and photographers, as well as a production team motivated and diverse”, we can read on their Kickstarter.

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The creators of this magazine have launched a page sociofinancement in order to receive a little help to achieve their first number. Subsequently, they dream of being able to launch the magazine a little bit everywhere in North America since an English version will follow.

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If you want to give them a helping hand and to order the first issue of the magazine, it is here.

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If you are a #coffeeaddict, follow Silo 57 on Facebook and Instagram!

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