A forest fire in the Kharkiv region localized

Лесной пожар в Харьковской области локализован

Combustion of the litter in the Kharkiv region is localized. This was reported in the State emergency service (SES).

“The fire is localized. As of 07:00 on 2 September, there has been corruption of individual cells on an area of about 12 hectares,” – said in the message.

Just to extinguish fires brought 166 people, 33 units of technics and a fire train. Aircraft of the world organization of work made on 27 discharges water (72 t).

Earlier it was reported that in S. Hatysche, and S. Pickle of Volchansky district in October the forestry forestry Volchansk of Kharkov region the fire occurred two cells of the litter.

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