A former SS member accused of involvement in the murder of more than 13 335 prisoners

In Germany, 94-year-old former SS guard and Auschwitz concentration camp were accused of involvement in the murder of a 13 335 prisoners during the Second world war.

In the Prosecutor”s office in Stuttgart said that the defendant for several months in 1942-1943 he worked as a member of the SS guard in a concentration camp “Auschwitz-Birkenau” (Oswiecim), which indicates his involvement in mass actions of killing people. It is worth noting that in that period in the concentration camp were taken prisoners by 15 trains, which further sorted, and people who were recognised as unable to work, dying in the gas chambers. According to the prosecution, in this way, were destroyed 13 335.

The defender declared innocence of the accused for the destruction of the people, claiming that he was not aware of the context, objectives and procedure of the murders. The hearing will be held at the court of Mannheim.

The Auschwitz concentration camp existed in Poland in the years 1940-1945, and was liberated by the red army in January 1945.