A German scientist proposed the exoplanets sow the “seeds of life”

Claudius Gros from the University of Frankfurt Goethe suggested to sow the exoplanets so-called “seeds of life”. Scientists believe that in space there are many inhabitable celestial bodies.


Motivated for the idea Grosso served as project Breakthrough Starshot, in accordance with which alpha Centauri will be launched ultralight spacecraft. German scientists believe that the laser apparatus with jet engines will be able to deliver on the nearby planet “seed of life”. For this purpose, gross proposed to use the method panspermia.

A scientist from Germany to implement his ideas planning a bit heavier ships of project Breakthrough Starshot, by placing them in containers with cells and genes. Also in accordance with the project of the German specialist, the spacecraft will become more functional, but much slower. They will be mounted in a special system for the landing of biological material.

Such a step, I’m sure Gros, will greatly help the science because the “seed of life” can take root on extrasolar planets.