A great start to the season for Maghalie Rochette

Maghalie Rochette intends to climb on the podium at the canadian Championships of mountain biking.


RESULTS. The adept mountain bike, Maghalie Rochette, and has recorded positive results since the beginning of the season, despite a change in its training program.

In fact, the Jérômienne has entered into the cyclocross season at the end of the month of January due to his participation in the world Cup. So, she took a small break before getting back in shape for the season of mountain biking.

“My schedule was shifted this year. I have not had as much time as in the past years, to get back in shape for the competitions of mountain bike. Despite all that, I am fully satisfied with my results,” said Maghalie which is always for the american club Clif Pro Team.

Since the month of march, she has participated in a dozen races. She has achieved her best performance at the event Moab Rocks in Utah, ending in the first rank of this three days of competition held at the end of the month of march. On 2 April, she has taken the sixth rank of the US Cup presented in California. A few days later, Maghalie took over the eighth position in the second stage of this same cup.

“I’m happy with these results. What are international races of which the calibre is very high,” said the young athlete.


Recently, on may 27 and 28, Maghalie took top honors of the Canada Cup Baie St-Paul. She has won the test of cross-country as well as that of the against-the-shows. “This season, I want to be on the podium at the canadian Championships in addition to achieving excellent performance at the world Cup, which will take place at mont-Sainte-Anne. This will probably be the only world Cup in which I will take part, so I want to stand out. To do this, I need to have a good preparation,” she said.

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The Series Epic Rides

Maghalie was illustrated in the tests of the Series Epic Rides. These tests include three runs of type marathon mountain bike. The races are on a journey of 80 kilometres and take between 3: 30 and 4am, compared to the cross country events, which Maghalie participates normally and lasts approximately 1 hour 30 minutes. “This series is very popular in the United States, because the events are “super cool” and that there is a lot of money to win. The caliber is still very strong,” said the cyclist.
During the first two trials that were submitted in Arizona and Colorado, Maghalie took the sixth rank.


The canadian champion of cyclocross in the title is scheduled to resume action on the international circuit following the season of mountain biking. “With the season that I have experienced in the last year, I should participate in more world cup of cyclocross. With my team, it is understood that I continue to gain experience in mountain bike races in North America before you travel. My coaches want me to get used to the level of competition before embarking on long journeys that is sometimes difficult because of the time differences,” said Maghalie Rochette.