A lesson of perseverance, signed Fred Savard

Frédéric Savard, ex-member of the Zapartistes, and co-host of The evening is still young, has spoken of the importance of reading and to be curious in order to be better informed.

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The co-host of the show The evening is still young, Frédéric Savard, was passing through the region on 11 October to deliver a lecture to the students of the College.

Comedian, author, actor and radio host, better known under the name of Fred Savard, immediately spoke of his atypical path of studying at the cégep during their conference. Preferring improvisation and student radio, it is as well that he developed passions that have paved his career path by the following.

When young comedians ask me for advice, I tell them always to be curious intellectually and read up on everything.

Frédéric Savard

“I have to say that with my route a little chaotic, I thought it was a bit strange to make a conference, said Frederic Savard. Later, I told myself that it would be nice to show them a different picture and speak of perseverance.”

Used to make radio and join hundreds of thousands of listeners on the weekends, Frédéric Savard has confessed to being nervous before his conference.

“It was the first time that I was asked to give a lecture, he explained. It was also a challenge because it is a customer that I did not know much, the students of the college, but at the same time I think that they probably live the same steps as when I was in college.”

More than the courses

Frédéric Savard, of course, has talked about the academic background that he has acquired by studying at college, but he mostly talked about what he had learned outside of class.

“I loved the college even if it was a little more difficult academically, said the comedian. I think that the college is not the courses, it is also the social life and interests that you discover. I thought it was important to talk about it.”

At its conference, the former Zapartiste came back several times on the concept of curiosity. “When you sign in the humanities, you are curious and intellectually most of the time, he noted. This feeds your brain and it will serve eventually. I find that intellectual curiosity, it is fundamental and that this is not a quality that is put forward in Quebec.”

He also denounced the fact that the company leaves little room for intellectuals. In support of his comments, he recalled that half of Quebec’s population is illiterate functional. He also pointed out that it helped the politicians to keep the population in ignorance.

The policy, he eats

One who specializes in the critical, humorous and cynical policy was interested very young in this subject.

“There was in the house of the vinyl Cynics and Ti-Gus and Ti-Mousse when I was a child. I listened and enjoyed both. I did not understand many of the jokes from the Cynical as a boy, but I loved the laughter of the people. I realized that this was not the same kind of laugh that on the disks of Ti-Gus and Ti-Mousse. As I got older I understood the meaning of the jokes of Cynical and I’ve also discovered Yvon Deschamps”, he told.

By specializing in this type of humor, he hopes to be able to contribute to change the society.

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