A lottery winner wears a mask of the movie “Chills” not that his relatives recognize him

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Wanting to avoid unwanted calls, or even that people will remember suddenly that he is, a man who won 158.4 million, up from $ jamaican (approximately $ 1.5 million CDN) to a lottery in jamaica has claimed the jackpot by wearing a mask from the film franchise of horror “Chills”.


The winner of the Jamaican Super Lotto was more of black gloves to protect at all cost his identity.



It was identified as A. Campbell.

It is presented in disguise to claim his due, and on the 5th of February, 54 days after the draw. He stated that this delay was due to the fact that he had fallen ill after learning the good news.


“My head hurt me for three days because I was thinking about it so much. […] I had a stomach ache for two weeks. Sometimes, I felt so much pain that I had forgotten that I had won,” said the winner, according to the media “The Loop”, which reminds us that, last year, another winner, had worn a mask emoticon yellow to preserve his or her identity.

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